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Destination Sampler: POPULARITY CONTEST

Destination Sampler: POPULARITY CONTEST

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Sampler of Scented Wax Melts ~~  Each Popularity Contest Sampler includes one Shot Cup each of some of our 2018 best sellers.

Popularity Contest  – Ten of our most popular scents from all of 2018!

    • 221b Baker Street  --  The warm rich scent of sweet fresh cherry pipe tobacco, vanilla, and deep, soft leather armchairs.
    • Beach Nights  --  Sweet marshmallows mingle with the ocean breeze and a warm fire at the beach. Not smoky, with more marshmallow and less ocean breeze than Beach Bonfire.
    • Blueberry Basket  --  A basket full of ripe blueberries, grapes, and plums. This is a rich, sweet, berry scent.
    • Lavender:Sugar Cookie  --  Lavender and sugar cookie.
    • Lavender:Twilight  --  Sweet lavender, lilac, tonka bean, and ylang ylang. Compare to Lu$h Twilight.
    • Pink Sari  --  Pink Sugar combined with Patchouli Essential Oil. 
    • Moonspice Cookie  --  Sugar cookies, coffee, and Celtic Moonspice.
    • Pink SariPink Sugar combined with Patchouli Essential Oil. 
    • Strawberry Seeds  --  Sweet and zesty strawberry.
    • Warung  --   Indonesian Dark Patchouli Essential Oil with chamomile tea and lemon.  In Indonesia, you can enjoy some tea and a meal at a warung , which is a small family-run restaurant!
    • Wine Cellar  --  Pomegranate, black cherries, pink pepper, musk, saffron, and patchouli.  Slightly sweeter than BBW.

      The Shot Cups in each Destination are grouped together and packaged in a labeled polypropylene bag tied with decorative ribbon. Ready for gift-giving!

      - Shot Cups weigh approximately 1.5 ounces each, polypropylene cups. Colors may vary.

      Individual scent descriptions are here.