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Each scent is available in one or more of the following shapes:
- Shot Cup, $2.15
- Blocks (3.4 oz), $4.60
- Mini Cakes (4 oz), $5.50

- Shot Cups weigh approximately 1.5 ounces each; polypropylene cups. Colors may vary.

- Blocks (3.4 oz): Each pack of Blocks (3.4 oz) is approximately 3.3 to 3.55 ounces of total finished weight wax, one scent per pack. There are four Blocks per pack, packaged in a zip-lock polypropylene bag. Colors and designs may vary.

- Mini Cakes (4 oz) weigh approximately 3.9 to 4.25 ounces each (6 Mini Cakes), all in the same scent. Packaged in a zip-lock polypropylene bag. Colors and designs may vary.

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Scent Descriptions appear below (see Drop Down List for currently available scents).


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--  Scent name and general description; not all ingredients or fragrance notes are listed.  --

  • Q

Quickie Wedding  --  Fresh strawberries, Strawberry Seeds, and marshmallow fluff.

  • R

Rainforest Sugarcane  --  Fresh citrus, raw sugarcane, vanilla orchid, and rain. BBW type.

Raspberries & Sugar  --  Ripe, red raspberries and strawberries, sweetened with sugar.

Raspberry Peach Shortbread  --  Sugared shortbread bars layered with ripe raspberries, sliced peaches, and peach preserves.  Discontinued.

Raspberry Sangria  --  A sweet and tart red raspberry and citrus sangria.

Red Currant  --  Another great sweet and tart scent…currants and red raspberries. Similar to Votivo “Red Currant”.

Red Currant Rhubarb  -- Red Currant tarted up with grapefruit, pomegranate, and rhubarb. A touch of floral rounds it out.

Red Pear  --  Juicy ripe red pear.  Richer than Bartlett Pear and Yellow Pear.

Redwood Cedar  --  A warm forest scent of red cedar, sandalwood, and green fern.

Rocky Mountain Pine   --  Balsam fir, Colorado white fir, blue spruce, red cedar, and berries.

Rose Bouquet  --  A fragrant bouquet of velvety red roses.

Rose Geranium  --  A delightfully fresh, sweet, rose scent with leafy green undertones. Nearly identical to Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

Rose of the Cimarron  --  Leather, red roses, vanilla orchid, and sandalwood.

Rose Petal Jam  --  Sweet, rich, jammy conserve of  strawberry, citrus, and velvety rose petals. Similar to a “Lu$h” scent. 

Rosewater Lemonade  --  A fanciful blend of rosewater and sweet lemonade.

  • S

Sage, Sweetgrass, & Cedar  --  Russian sage, fir needle, cedarwood, cedarleaf, and hay.

Salty Sea Air  --  Salty sea spray, seaweed, driftwood, and a bit of ozone and water lily.

Scottish Hearth  --  Old worlde hearth fire of fresh applewood boughs tossed onto burning logs of white birch. Sweeter than Winter’s Eve.

Scottish Shortbread  --  Buttery, sugar vanilla shortbread.

Sea Island Grapefruit  --  Compare to the Votivo classic. Crisp, sweet grapefruit with a hint of white orchids.

Sea Salt & Cocoa Truffle  --  Dark cocoa truffles sprinkled with sea salt.

Sea Salt & Yuzu  --  Yuzu, satsuma, apricot, lotus flower, aloe, and sea salt.

Shaving Cream  -- Fresh & clean shaving cream scent with almost no cologne. Great blender!

Sherlock  --  A  warm and woodsy pipe tobacco. Heavy on the tobacco.

Shop Around  --  Parma violets and creamy fruit candy with a hint of cinnamon. This is Ghostess’s little sister!

Skittles  --  Skittles candy!

Snow White  --  Crisp sweet apple, sweet neroli, a hint of floral, and hint of honey type sweetness.  A nod to to Lu$h.

Southern Mint Tea  --  Iced black tea, lemon, sugar, peppermint, and spearmint.

Spearmint  --  Fresh spearmint with a touch of sweet peppermint.

Spring Moss  --  Compare to Aveda "Sap Moss".  An invigorating, fresh and earthy herbal scent.

Strawberry  --  Fresh, ripe strawberries.

Strawberry Berry Sauce  --  Fruity dessert sauce of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, lychee, and sweet rambutan.

Strawberry Crumble  --  Strawberries and acai berries baked in sugar with a light topping  of sugar cookie crumble.

Strawberry Jam  --  Wild strawberry jam.

Strawberry Lemonade Gelato  --  Frozen lemon, sugared strawberries, and vanilla cream.

Strawberry Seeds  --  Sweet and zesty strawberry.

Sugar Cane & Mint  --  Sugar crystals infused with fresh peppermint and spearmint leaves.

Sugar Cookie  --  Warm, freshly baked sugar cookie.

Sugar Vanilla Champagne  --  Effervescent champagne laced with sugared vanilla.

Sugared Spruce  --  A sweet and fresh blend of blue spruce, sweet berries, balsam, cedar, and sugared vanilla.

Sugared Vanilla Shortbread  --  Vanilla shortbread cookies.

Sultana  --  Fruit-floral blend of bergamot, apricot, black currant, strawberry, rose, jasmine, and musk. Contains essential oils.  Compare to Lu$h.

Sultry Angel  --  Sugar cookie in perfume form. Truly sultry.

Sunny Sand Beach -- Warm beach breezes wafting over orange blossoms, lavender flowers, citrus, and suntan lotion. Compare to YC "Sun and Sand".

Sunshine Lolly  --  Sweet vanilla, fruity lollipops, and summer florals.

Suspicious Lies  --  Sensual blend of neroli, rose, rosewood, orange flower, and a hint of grapefruit. Inspired by Lu$h “Frozen”. 

Sweater Weather  --  BBW type… juniper berry, eucalyptus, sage, and lingering mint.

Sweet & Creamy Lolly  --  Fruity, creamy, sweet lollipops with an elusive hint of cinnamon.


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