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Break-Away Bar:  T - Z (RTS)

Break-Away Bar: T - Z (RTS)

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Each Break-Away Bar is approximately 2.6 ounces finished weight wax.

One scent per Bar. Each Bar can easily be broken up into six cubes. Color will vary and may include a light dusting of fine glitter. Packaged in a zip-lock polypropylene bag.

Limited quantity available.

*** For Discontinued and Limited Edition Scents, check the Limited Editions page for remaining availability.

**Note: White Sari must be ordered as White S*ri

Destination:WAX   Wax Melts  Scent List  (T - Z):

--  Scent name and general description; not all ingredients or fragrance notes are listed. -- 


  • T

Take a Letter, Maria  --  Sweet, tart passionfruit and fragrant tea roses. 

Tayberry & Teak  --  Teakwood mixed with sweet tayberries, blackberries, mulberries, and cloudberries.

Tea & Cakes  --  Slice of orange-almond cake and a cuppa.

Teakwood & Coconut  --  Aged teakwood, coconut, cologne, island flowers, tonka bean, amber, & musk.

Thai Sticky Rice  --  Pan-toasted basmati rice baked in coconut milk and brown sugar. 

Thai Temple Garden  -- Dark roses, incense, and aromatic sandalwood mingling with ancient, mossy Buddhist statues. 

That Man  --  Spicy & fresh manly stuff…leather, tobacco, musk, teakwood, cedar, sandalwood, and black pepper. 

That Man in Granada --  That Man mixed with spiced pomegranate cider; fruity, fresh, with a bright cologne note.

That Man in Paradise  --  That Man mixed with rich coconut and tropical flowers.

The (Hangover) Cure   --  Clean, crisp, and fresh – this will jump start your second wind! Lemongrass, lemon cypress wood, and lime.  Listed under “H” scents for ordering (“Hangover Cure, The”).

Thyme  --  Herbal dried thyme, fresh thyme leaves, and a hint of eucalyptus. Limited Edition.

Toasted Marshmallow  --  Marshmallows toasted over a blazing campfire… a bit of smoky char on the marshmallows. Made with more marshmallow as of 6/12/18!

Toasted Marshmallow & Spearmint  --  Sweet, toasted marshmallows and spearmint (the marshmallow in this is different from Toasted Marshmallow – no blazing campfire in this one).

Tobacco Sugar  --  A decadent twist on Aquolina "Blue Sugar"… tobacco leaf, caramel, orange sugar, and bourbon.

Tobacco Vanille – Tobacco flowers and leaves, Tonka Bean, spices, and vanilla. Based on the Tom Ford perfume.  For a heavier tobacco scent, try “Sherlock”.

Tomato Leaf   --  Fresh tomato leaves and stems.

Tonic  --  A fresh and green scent with geranium and rosemary.  Compare to Clarins "Body Tonic". 

Tonka Bean & Citrus  --  Toasted Tonka bean, light spices, citrus, and cedar.

Tootsie Roll  --  Rich, chocolatey, chewy candy; not exactly like a Tootsie Roll, but close. This can take a longer time to get going, but your patience will reward you!

  • V

Vanilla Ambrette  --  Complex blend of bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, ylang ylang, violet, cedar, sandalwood, amber, vetiver, cashmere musk, and warm Indonesian patchouli and spices (Thymes type).

Vanilla Anise  -- Violet vanilla orchid, lightly spiced with wild fennel & star anise. Similar to Jo Malone "Vanilla & Anise".  This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks is recommended).

Vanilla Balsam --   Balsam fir and cedar softened by a mellow vanilla (BBW type).

Vanilla Birch
 --  White Birch, Madagascar vanilla, and sandalwood (BBW type).

Vanilla Dream --  Vanilla Lace, Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, and Vanilla Marshmallow Birthday Cake.

Vanilla Dream Cake  --  Layers of rich vanilla cake, marshmallow buttercream, confetti sprinkles, and crushed sugar cookies. This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks is recommended).

Vanilla Lace  --  Vanilla orchids and musk. Not a “foody” vanilla; similar to Victoria's Secret. This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks is recommended).

VanillaLush  --  Earthy and sweet:  sugared vanilla, tonka bean, jasmine, & sandalwood. Compare to Lu$h Vanillary. Discontinued.

Vanilla Noel  --  Crushed vanilla beans, fluffy white marshmallows, sugar cookies, and vanilla buttercream. This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks+ is recommended).

Vanilla Rootbeer  --  Lightly spiced fizzy Rootbeer with vanilla.

Vanilla Snowflake  -- Creamy vanilla and warm woods sweetened with a dash of coconut (BBW type).

Vanilla Wafers  --  Buttery vanilla wafer cookies.

Vegas Showgirl    --   Dishy blend of melon, pink flowers, coconut milk, and leather. Discontinued.

Velvet Moon  --  Exotic, sweet blend of patchouli, plum, and black vanilla.

Verbena & Lemon Leaves  --  Green lemon leaves and pure bright lemon oil. Similar to L'Occitane "Verbena".  RENAMED “Lemon Leaves”!

Violets  --  Parma violets in bloom.

  • W

Warung  --  Indonesian Dark Patchouli Essential Oil with chamomile tea and lemon. In Indonesia, you can enjoy some tea and a meal at a warung, which is a small family-run restaurant!

Wasabi  --  A blend of both fresh and earthy scents: eucalyptus, ginger,  peppermint, camphor, amber, thyme, &  wasabi. Discontinued.

Watermelon Mint  --  Fresh watermelon and cool spearmint.

Watermelon Sorbet  
--  Fresh watermelon, honeydew, kiwi, and vanilla sugar.

Wedding Cake  --  Vanilla cake with thick white frosting and a thin layer of strawberry jam…not buttery.  

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle  --  Chocolate raspberry truffles dipped in rich, sweet white chocolate.

White Clouds  --  An airy, lightly floral fresh laundry scent.

White Sage  --  An invigorating clean, herbal scent.

White Sage & Tobacco  --  A blend of our clean white sage and sweet Cuban Tobacco. Limited Edition.

White Sari (White S*ri)  --  Pristine white roses and rich, dark patchouli. Due to PayPal’s rejection of the word, “sari”, this is sold as “White S*ri.

White Tea  --  Sweet white tea, thyme, and jasmine.

White Tea & Berries  --  A strong herbal tea blend of white tea with tart dried berries. Discontinued.

White Tea & Papaya  --  Another great white tea blend...white tea, tropical fruits, lilies, and orchids.

Wild Berry Tulips  --  Wild red berries, tangerines, tulips, waterlily, honeysuckle, and  woods. BBW Type.

Wild Mint & Ivy  --  Refreshing, clean scent of light mint and fresh ivy. Discontinued.

Wildberry Mousse  --  Rich and fruity berry-fig-vanilla mousse. Discontinued.

Wine Cellar  --  Pomegranate, black cherries, pink pepper, musk, saffron, and patchouli.  Slightly sweeter than BBW. On the Discontinued list...could be temporary or permanent. Our supplier is out of stock and has not promised that it will be back; hopefully will return in 2024.

Winter  --  A fresh scent of fir needles, oakmoss, allspice, clove, and a hint of citrus (BBW type).

Winter Linen  --  A crisp laundry scent: fresh linen, bergamot, Egyptian jasmine, white floral, sandalwood, musk, & cashmere.

Winter Citrus Wreath  --  Balsam wreath, grapefruit, orange,  forest breeze (BBW type). Limited Edition.

Winter’s Eve  --  A winter evening curled up by a crackling fireplace; balsam, cedar, and woodsmoke.

Woodsmoke  --  Straight-up smoky campfire/fireplace scent – a fantastic blender!

  • Y

Yellow Pear  --  Fresh, lightly sweet yellow pear. Discontinued.

You’re So Vain  --  You probably think this scent is about you. Sweet scent of strawberries, orange, passionfruit, and creamy vanilla with a touch of violet. Not a dupe but inspired by Lu$h “Rock Star”.  

  • Z

Zalabia  --  Libyan bread drizzled with clementine-scented honey. Discontinued.

ZB Apple Pumpkin  --  Zucchini Bread, baked apples, and spicy pumpkin butter. Discontinued.

ZB Banana  --  Zucchini bread  made with ripe bananas, walnuts, and a bit of brown sugar. Contains essential oils.

ZB Berry  --  Zucchini bread made with sweet huckleberries, blueberries, plums, rich cream, and spices. 

ZB Cranberry   --  Lightly spiced zucchini bread with tart cranberries. Discontinued.

ZB Harvest   --  Warm, homemade zucchini bread with a touch of spice.

ZB Magic Fluff  --  Magic Spell, strawberries,  marshmallow fluff, and zucchini bread. Light on the zucchini bread! Reformulated June, 2022.

ZB Pear  --  Zucchini bread made with juicy red pears, not spicy. Discontinued.

ZB Pie Crust  --  Zucchini bread and buttery pie crust.

ZB Pumpkin  --  Zucchini bread with sweet pumpkin and spices. Discontinued.

ZB Wildberry Mousse  --  Wildberry Mousse + ZB Harvest.


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