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Foil Pan Loaf:  #, A-B (MTO)

Foil Pan Loaf: #, A-B (MTO)

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Available June 1st!

Each Foil Pan Loaf is approximately 11.75 ounces finished weight wax.

MTO = Made to Order

Unlimited quantity available until capacity is reached. 

Packaged in a foil pan inside of a zip-lock polypropylene bag.

One scent of your choice per loaf. Colors will vary with possibly mica and/or fine glitter. 

"No Color" Option: To request MTO Foil Pan(s) with "No Color", write this request in the note section of your shopping cart and/or email to us at info@destinationwax.com. "No Color" means that we will not add dye, mica, or glitter. All such requests will receive an email confirming these requests, If you do not receive an email confirming the "No Color" option, your Foil Pan(s) may have added dye, mica, and/or glitter. Please note that all Foil Pans are made in the same workshop, therefore, "No Color" Foil Pans may have a minimal amount of mica or glitter due to the proximity to our decorating of other Foil Pans ("No Color" will have no dye, but may have a stray bit of mica or glitter; and colors will vary due to the natural color of the fragrance oils used).

*** For Discontinued and Limited Edition Scents, check the Limited Editions page for remaining inventory. 


Destination:WAX   Wax Melts  Scent List

--  Scent name and general description; not all ingredients or fragrance notes are listed.  --



  • #

221b Baker Street  --  The warm rich scent of sweet fresh cherry pipe tobacco, vanilla, and deep, soft leather armchairs. Discontinued.

50 Ways…  --  Elaborate green-floral blend of bamboo leaf, orchid, vanilla, brown and white sugars, orange blossom, bergamot, sandalwood, musk, amber, peppermint, spearmint, and lemon. Even though mints make up part of the blend, this is not a minty scent. Discontinued.

  • A

Aberdeen --   Fresh blend of lavender, cedar, green herbs, and earth.

Absinthe  --   A smooth blend of star anise, fennel, cinnamon, amber, and aromatic green herbs. Discontinued.

Apple Blossom  --  Sweet apple blossoms.

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie  --  Spiced pumpkin pie with rich apple butter added to the filling. Discontinued.

Apple & Earl Grey  --  Crisp apples, dried pears, black tea, chamomile, spices, and bergamot.

Apple Harvest  --  Crisp, ripe apples with a light touch of spice. 

Apple Mango Tango  --  McIntosh apple, mango, fresh greenery, citrus, and fabric softener.

Apple Sage  --  A clean herbal blend of apples and light sage.

Apple Whiskey Smash  --  Peat-smoked whiskey blended with fresh McIntosh and Granny Smith apples.

Apples & Maple Bourbon  --  Fresh apples sweetened with bourbon, vanilla, and a touch of maple syrup.

Applewood   --   Smoked cedarwood, red apples, pears, ginger, and honey.

Apricot Black Tea  --  Black tea with a hint of apricot.

Apricot Freesia  --  Perfect blend of sweet apricots and fragrant freesia flowers.

Arang  --  Champagne, peaches, and vanilla.

Arctic Seacoast   --  A crisp ocean scent with fresh green seaweed (in a good way) and notes of ozone and cologne.

Autumn  --  Red apples, balsam, fig, and eucalyptus (similar to BBW).

Autumn Campfire  --  Dried autumn leaves crackling in an outdoor campfire. Discontinued.                                                                    

Autumn Walk  --  Crisp autumn leaves, fresh air, forest berries, pine, cedar, and aspen. Discontinued.

AvoLemon  --  Lemongrass, lemon verbena, bergamot, and rosewood. Compare to Lu$h AvoBath.

  • B

Baked Apples  --  Warm baked apples drizzled with brown sugar, butter, vanilla, and warm spices. Sweeter than Baked Cinnamon Apples. Discontinued.

Baked Cinnamon Apples  --  Baked apples spiked with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Not too sweet. Home Interiors "Baked Apple Pie" type (there is no "crust" in the scent, though).

Bamboo & Black Cedar  --  Bamboo, juniper, black cedar, and champaca flowers.

Banana Apple Bread -- Warm banana bread with apple chunks, walnuts, and cinnamon.  Contains essential oils.

Banana Walnut Torte  --   Layers of lightly spiced banana cake, creamy banana custard, and chopped walnuts. Contains essential oils.

Bartlett Pear  --  Juicy pear, tart green apples, and fresh pear nectar. White Barn type.

Basil, Sage, & Mint  --  Herbal blend of basil, sage, and bit of mint.

Beach Bonfire – Salty sea air, sweet marshmallows, and smoldering embers – fresh and warm at the same time and not smoky.

Beach Linen  --  The fresh scent of laundry line-dried at the beach. Floral, herbal…citrus and air. Discontinued.

Beach Nights  --  Sweet marshmallows mingle with the ocean breeze and a warm fire at the beach. Not smoky, with more marshmallow and less ocean breeze than Beach Bonfire. Inspired by BBW.

Beachwood Vetiver  --   Driftwood, carnation, night blooming jasmine, and a bit of seaweed and eucalyptus.

Bear Claw Bread Pudding -- A custardy cinnamon bread pudding made with Bear Claws pastries.

Bear Claws  -- Cinnamon pastry filled with dates, raisins, and nuts. Discontinued.

Beautiful Day  --  Fruity flower blend of apples, melon, pear, water lily, cyclamen, and blonde woods. Similar to BBW.

Bergamot Coriander  --  Citrus, florals, and wood… a clean floral fragrance. BBW type.

Bergamot Tobacco  --   A sweet and spicy blend of bergamot, tobacco flower, red cedar, and clove.  Archipelago type.

Black + Black  --  Black Vanilla + Black Pepper. Discontinued.

Black Berries & Vanilla  --  Sweet/tart blackberries, fruity black raspberries, creamy sweet vanilla & a hint of musk.

Black Cedar & Juniper  --  Cedar, citrus, florals, juniper.  Like the Jo Malone fragrance.

Black Chamomile   --   Chamomile, tonka bean, wild lily, and bergamot (aromatherapy for sleep BBW Type).

Black Cherry Merlot  --  A sumptuous, fruity wine scent: deep black cherry, tart black currant, smooth merlot, patchouli, and warm spices. Contains essential oils. Inspired by BBW.

Black Currant & Fig  -- Black currants, sweet figs, rich port wine, spicy black peppercorns, and a bright kick of citrus.

Black Currant Vanilla  --  Black currant, anise, lemon, rosemary, and vanilla absolute. This is a tart yet sultry blend, not a fresh berry or bakery scent. Discontinued.

Black Licorice --  Sweet black licorice. Contains star anise essential oil. Discontinued. May be back later in 2023.

Black Pepper  --  Aromatic black peppercorn. 

Black Raspberry  --  Rich black raspberries warmed with vanilla and musk. More of a perfume scent than a fruit or bakery scent. Discontinued.

Black Raspberry Vanilla  -- Black raspberries, a bit of creamy sweet vanilla, and a touch of sandalwood.  A little sweeter than Black Berries & Vanilla.

Black Vanilla  --  Dark Madagascar Vanilla enriched with tonka and patchouli. Discontinued.

Black Vetyver Coffee  --  Compare to Jo Malone "Black Vetyver Café".  Black coffee, vetiver, incense, and sequoia.

Blackberry Apple Marmalade  --  Blackberries, apples, sugar, cinnamon, allspice, and lemon.           

Blackberry & Bay  --  Blackberries, bay leaf, grapefruit, flowers, fruits, vetiver, and cedar (Jo Malone type).

Blackberry Blossom Tea  --  Lightly floral blackberry tea. Limited Edition.

Blackberry Fruit Punch  --  Super-sweet berry fruit punch.

Blackberry Ginger Ale - Sweet, tart blackberries and crisp, refreshing ginger ale.

Blackberry Jam Shortbread Cookies  --  Buttery shortbread cookies filled with rich, sweet blackberry jam. Discontinued.

Blackberry & Magnolia  --  Sweetened blackberries and magnolia; a beautiful, mellow floral scent.

Blackberry Marmalade  --  Sweet and slightly citrusy blackberry marmalade. Mostly blackberry with no floral notes.

Blackberry Musk  --  Sweet and tart blackberries combined with a light musk. Discontinued.

Blackberry Oudh  --  Blackberry Marmalade, Marshmallow Fireside, & Oudh Wood.

Blackjack  --  Black Chamomile brightened up with apple, clary sage, and extra chamomile.

Blackwood --  Black pepper, chili pepper, cedar, and juniper (Jo Malone type).

Blood Orange  --  Tarocco blood orange and goji berries.  More of an upscale candle scent than a fresh fruit scent.

Blue Agave Sugar  --  Blue agave sugar, cucumber water, with hints of melon and cedarwood. Limited Edition.

Blue Spruce  --  Colorado blue spruce and cedarwood.

Blue Sugar  --  Our version of Aquolina "Blue Sugar".  Cotton candy, vanilla, Tonka bean, star anise, cedar, patchouli, coriander, orange, bergamot, and musk.

Blueberry  --  Sweet  blueberries.

Blueberry Basket  --  A basket full of ripe blueberries, grapes, and plums. This is a rich, sweet, berry scent.

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch  --  Ripe blueberries and pumpkin with a bit of bakery spice (BBW type).

Blueberry Pumpkin Pecan Waffles  --  Sweet, rich Blueberry Basket plus Pumpkin Pecan Waffles.

Blueberry Sugar  --  Sweet Blueberries and brown sugar (BBW type). Limited Edition.

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds
  --   Fluffy marshmallows blended as a perfume! Marshmallow meringue, white magnolia, sandalwood, and vanilla (BBW inspired).

Bonfire  --  Autumn Walk sweetened with Bonfire Bliss. Discontinued.

Bonfire Bliss  --  Brown sugar-coconut marshmallows toasting over a smoky bonfire of autumn leaves, pine, cedar, amber, and sandalwood. This is a very sweet scent.

Bonfire Marshmallow  --  Bonfire Bliss + sugary marshmallows.

Bonsai  --  Strong, fresh, green “soapy “ scent.  Great for freshening up a bathroom. 

Brandied Pear  --  Sweet, baked pears flambéed with a rich cider brandy.

Bride of the Century  --  Lavender, chocolate, and pink roses.

Bubblegum  --  Pink bubble gum with a bit of zing! Discontinued.

Buttercream Brulée  --  Rich vanilla buttercream swirled with caramel brulée. 

Butternut Pumpkin  --  Rich pumpkin and butternut squash baked with nutmeg, cinnamon, and caramelized sugar.

  • C

“C” Tobacco aka Cuban Tobacco
--  Fruity & sweet tobacco leaf with cinnamon, cloves, and incense. Must be ordered by the name, “C” Tobacco.

Cactus Blossom & Melon  --  Fruit-floral blend of fresh flowers, green cactus, coconut, musk, sandalwood, and melon. Baja Cactus Blossom (BBW type) with melon.

Cactus & Sea Salt  --  Green cactus, fresh sea spray, sea moss, and driftwood.

Café Brulee  --  Buttery caramel brulée with hints of coffee, hazelnut, and marshmallow.

Calypso Melon  --  Fresh & fruity: honeydew melon, Granny Smith apples,  strawberries, and pears. "Butt Naked" type.

Candy Cane Extra  --  Fresh peppermint and spearmint, sweet strawberries, and vanilla. Extra minty.

Candy Cane Frost -- Sweet, creamy vanilla mint candies.

Cape Cod Coast  --   Salty air, crashing waves, myrtle leaves, fresh cedarwood, and marine algae. Profumum “Acqua di Sale” type.

Capri Seaside Citrus  --  Very fresh blend of bergamot, nectarine, orange flower,  grapefruit, and driftwood (similar to BBW). Discontinued.

Caramel Crème Brulee  --  Creamy vanilla caramel custard with a brulee of light orange caramel. Discontinued.

Caramel Marshmallow   --  Creamy, sweet toasted marshmallow and light caramel sauce. Discontinued.

Casey’s Peaches & Clean  -- An airy blend of tree-ripened peaches and freshly washed linens. Discontinued. To replicate a similar version, combine 1 or 2 parts Guava Peach Fizz with 1 part Fresh Tide.

Cashmere Glow  --  Soft cashmere musk, vanilla, and golden peach (BBW type). Limited Edition.

Catching Rays  --   Sweet lavender, golden amber, geranium, orange, rosemary, and musk (YC Type). Limited Edition.

Cedar  --  Cedarwood softened with a touch of vanilla. Great for blending with pine scents!

Celebration  --  A rich citrus scent of orange, lime, Neroli, and cognac. Compare to Lu$h Celebrate.

Celtic Moonspice  --  Classic blend of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

Chai Tea  --  Black tea lightly spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and a splash of vanilla.

Chamomile Tea  --  Chamomile tea, sweet and fresh. A lovely spa scent.

Champaca & Bamboo  --  A strong, clean bamboo & champaca flower blend.

Champagne  --  Sparkly, fizzy, champagne, not sweet. For a sweeter fizz, try our Sugared Vanilla Champagne. Discontinued.

Champagne Pear  --  “The Bubbly” with Bartlett pears, pear nectar, and green apples.

Charcoal Tonka
--  Smoked tonka bean, cedar, black pepper, patchouli, spices, and a touch of vanilla.

Cherry Almond Delight  --  Cherry & Marzipan. Discontinued.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries  -- Dark chocolate and fresh strawberries.

Chocolate Orchid  --  The warm, rich scent of chocolate orchids.

Christmas in Jamaica  --  Balsam fir, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, and cranberry.

Christmas Tree  --  Bright, fresh balsam fir.

Cider Lane  --  Sweet, green apple cider  - lightly spiced with a hint of caramel. BBW Type.

Cinnamon Bayberry -- Cinnamon, bayberry leaves, pine, and sandalwood.

Cinnamon Girl  --  Bergamot, berries, vanilla caramel, chocolate, patchouli, cinnamon.  “Angel” meets cinnamon. Discontinued.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread  --  Warm raisin bread swirled with cinnamon, right out of the oven. Discontinued.

Cinnamon & Red Hots  --  Freshly ground cinnamon stick and a few sugary red hot cinnamon candies. Discontinued.

Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar  --  Spicy, rich, and sweet blend of cinnamon, cardamom, sugar, and vanilla. Discontinued.

Citron & Fig  --  Rich fig, lemon, and spices.

Citrus Fizz  --  Freshly squeezed lemon and lime with slices of pineapple and orange. Tart & fizzy!

Clove -- Single note clove. Classic home fragrance.

Coast of Sicily  --  Lavender and violets mingle with the salty ocean breeze of  the Sicilian Coast. Reformulated June, 2022. Very close to the original, with a bit more ocean.

Cocoa Butter Cashmere  --  Sweet tonka bean, coconut, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, musk, warm spices, and cocoa butter.

Coconut Cream Pie  --  Sweet and creamy coconut cream pie.

Coconut Dream  --  Coconut, flowers, and peaches.

Coconut Leaves  --  Fruit-floral-coconut blend: coconut, tangerine, papaya, jasmine, palm leaves, and vanilla. Inspired by BBW.  

Coconut Milk  --  Fresh coconut milk sweetened with a bit of fresh pineapple.

Coffee:Black  --  Freshly brewed, slightly bitter, black coffee.

Coffee:Coco Kona Mocha  --  Rich Kona coffee with chocolate, vanilla cream, coconut, and a touch of cardamom.

Coffee:Epic Day  --  A blend of rich, dark coffee, cinnamon, clove, and pink peppercorns.

Coffee:Epic Day Clove Edition  -- Coffee:Epic Day with a bit more Clove. Limited Edition.

Coffee:Espresso Macchiato  --  Rich espresso sweetened with a dash of steamed milk.

Coffee:Hazelnut  --  Hazelnut coffee.

Coffee:Moonspice Mystery  --  Coffee, macchiato, and Celtic Moonspice. Limited Edition.

Coffee:Orange Vanilla 
--  Light-roast coffee laced with orange and vanilla.         

Coffee:Peppermint Mocha  --  Dark coffee flavored with a perfect balance of fresh peppermint and chocolate.

Comfort Land  --  A warm,  black licorice scent sweetened with Cassis, bergamot, cypress, patchouli, and vanilla.  If you like Absinthe or Black Licorice, you should try this one (compare to Lu$h Comforter). Discontinued.

Corfu  --  A fragrant garden terrace on the Greek island of Corfu…fresh cedar, fir, lavender, and citrus.

Cotton Candy  --  Fluffy, sweet, pink cotton candy.

Country Kitchen  --  Apples, brown sugar, candied yams, marshmallow, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. "Country Bumpkin" type scent. Discontinued.

Cranberry Balsam  --   Fir balsam, spiced cranberries, apples, oranges, and grapefruit.

Cranberry Citrus  --  A bright citrus scent spiked with tangy cranberries. Discontinued.

Cranberry Fig  --  Tart cranberries, fresh fig leaves, and a touch of clove. 

Cranberry Marmalade  --  Tart marmalade of spiced cranberries, bitter orange peel, and sweet apples. Discontinued.

Cranberry Pumpkin  --  Baked cranberries and pumpkin - sweet, rich, and lightly tart. Inspired by the BBW candle.

Cranberry Rose  --  Pink roses, cranberry cider, pear, and a touch of eucalyptus. Limited Edition.

Cranberry Woods  --  BBW Type. Cranberry, black currant, cinnamon, and a bit of cedar.

Cuban Tobacco  --  Fruity & sweet tobacco leaf with cinnamon, cloves, and incense. Due to PayPal’s rejection of the word, “Cuban”, this is sold as “C” Tobacco.

Cucumber Blossom  --  Fresh, crisp cucumbers and cucumber blossoms.

Cucumber Melon  --  Cucumber, honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon. No sugar added, this is a sweet, fresh, realistic scent.  Different from the BBW version.

Cucumber Mint  --  Cucumber and light mint mingled with citrus and flowers. Contains essential oils. Discontinued.

Cupcakes at Tiffany's  --  Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and toffee bits.

  • D

Daisy  --  A sweet, fresh floral with a hint of light musk. 

Danish Butter Cookie  --  Buttery Danish sugar cookies...buttermilk, burnt sugar, caramel, and vanilla.

Day of the Dead  --   Neroli, lime, and frankincense…fruity and sugary.  Compare to Lu$h.

Desert Tumbleweed  --  Sage, sweetgrass, cedar, peppermint, spearmint, and vanilla sugar.

Dirt  --  Damp, freshly turned garden dirt.

Downy April Fresh  --  Laundry fresh out of the dryer, smelling of fabric softener & fresh flowers on a spring morning.

Downy Blue Ultra  --  A sweet laundry scent: flowers, fruit, citrus, fern, cedar, amber, musk.

Dragon Lily – Sweet, rich blend of Dragon’s Blood and Lily of the Valley.

Dragon's Blood  --  Rich, aged patchouli with florals, citrus, and fruit. 

  • E

Earl Grey Tea  --  Black tea infused with bergamot oil.

Egyptian Dragon -- Exotic blend of Dragon’s Blood and jasmine.

Egyptian Mystery  --  Dragon’s Blood, myrrh, rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley. Limited Edition.

Elderflower  --  A clean, sweet, fresh wildflower.

Eucalyptus  --  Invigorating eucalyptus and menthol.  A bit earthier than Frozen:Frozen.

Eucalyptus & Peppermint  --  An uplifting blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and cedar.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint  --  Cooling and fresh. Discontinued.

Eucalyptus Tea  --  Fresh eucalyptus, spearmint, and lemon (aromatherapy for focus BBW Type).


  • F

Fierce   --  Fierce cologne: woods, lemon, lime, lavender, musk (Abercrombie & Fitch type).

Fizzy Pop  --  Fizzy lemon/lime soda pop.  A great blender to add fizz, especially to fruit scents!

Flower Basket  --  A basket of just-picked fresh, fragrant spring flowers. Discontinued.

Frankincense  --  Sweet, earthy, and slightly effervescent:  frankincense, patchouli, and cedarwood. Contains essential oils.

Frasier Fir  --  Siberian Fir, cedarwood, and sandalwood. Thymes "Frasier Fir" type.

French Baguette  -- Freshly baked and buttered French baguette.

French Green Tea  --  A fresh blend of white flowers, bitter orange, lemon zest, and green tea leaves.

French Lime Blossom  --  This is also known as a Linden blossom.  A very fresh, spring floral. Similar to Jo Malone "French Lime Blossom" and L'Occitane "Tilleul". Discontinued.

Fresh Balsam  --  Balsam Fir, cedar, and eucalyptus. Similar to BBW.

Fresh Dirt & New-Mown Grass  --  Wonderful spring-fresh scent. Clean, freshly-dug dirt and clean, fresh-cut grass.

Fresh Laundry  --  Fresh cotton linens, right off the clothes line. No folding involved!

Fresh Lettuce  --  Crisp, watery, fresh  green scent.

Fresh Tide  --  Clothes freshly laundered with Tide Detergent!

Frosted Sugar Cookie  -- Frosted Sugar Cookie!

Frozen:Clementine  --  This is Frozen:Frozen combined with the juicy sweetness of clementine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, and bergamot. Contains essential oils. Discontinued.

Frozen:Frozen  --  Frozen: Frozen is cold menthol plus essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint.

  • G

Gain  --  More than just laundry detergent…clean & fresh with Egyptian musk, jasmine, lilac, peony, and citrus.

Ghostess  --  Parma Violets and lightly toasted marshmallow.

Ginger Ale  --  Cold, bubbly ginger ale.

Ginger Cream Café  --  A light-roast coffee flavored with sweet cream and gingerbread spices.

Gingerbread  --  Traditional gingerbread made with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, molasses, and a little brown sugar. Not as sweet as Honey Gingerbread Cakes.

Gingham  --  Fruity floral of lily, freesia, violet, clementine, apple, melon, vanilla, & musk (BBW Type). 

Goblin’s Bride  --  Rose Petal Jam + Tea & Cakes.

Golden Sands  --  Black coconut, cassis, jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom, sandalwood, and Tonka bean. YC type. 

Grapefruit Ginger  --  Nice and tart. Grapefruit, ginger, and fruitwood. Discontinued.

Grapefruit JM  -- Grapefruit, tangerine, rosemary, pimento, jasmine, & peppermint.  Similar to Jo Malone "Grapefruit".

Grapefruit Mangosteen  --  Strong, citrus-y grapefruit and sweet, tart mangosteen.  A hint of peach, too.

Grapefruit Peach Gelato  -- Creamy gelato: grapefruit, peaches, tropical fruits, and a swirl of rhubarb. Discontinued.

Grapefruit Rosemary  --  Grapefruit, rosemary, citrus, lavender, & sage.  A sweet citrus & herbal blend.

Graphite  --  A softer cologne: sage, bergamot spice, lavender, sandalwood, moss, Tonka, and warm woods. BBW type. Limited Edition.

Grass Stain  --  Single note scent of fresh, green  grass.

Green Apple  --  Tart green apple with a bit of blossom. Discontinued.

Guava Peach Fizz  --  Sparkling fresh blend of guava, orange, and peach.

  • H

The (Hangover) Cure  --  Clean, crisp, and fresh – this will jump start your second wind! Lemongrass, lemon cypress wood, and lime.

Heavenly  --  White florals of peony, rose, hydrangea, cylcamen, and violet blended with golden musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. Inspired by the Victoria’s Secret perfume. Discontinued.


Hit the Road, Jack  --  Sweet patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, black pepper, citrus.  Compare to Lu$h Lord of Misrule.

Honey Gingerbread Cakes  --  Lightly spiced buttery gingerbread laced with honey. Discontinued.

Honey Pear Cider  --  Spiced pear cider sweetened with honey.

Honey:Clementine  -- Juicy sweet clementines  drizzled with orange blossom honey.

Honey:Honeysuckle  --  Honey and fragrant wild honeysuckle.

Honey:Patchouli   --  Honeycomb and patchouli with light notes of sweet candied fruit & lemon peel.

Honey:Provence   --  Rich honey with touches of star jasmine, violet, and orange blossom.

Honey:Toffee  --  Honey, flowers, fruit, and toffee. Compare to "Honey, I Washed the Kids" by "Lu$h".

Honeydew Melon  --  Sweet honeydew melon.

Honeysuckle Gardenia  --  A beautiful blend of honeysuckle and gardenia blossoms.

Huckleberry Muffin  --  Sweet, buttery muffins loaded with juicy huckleberries. Discontinued.

  • I

Iced Lemon Biscotti  --  Rich lemon biscotti with a creamy lemon glaze. 

Iced Vanilla Woods -- Clean, cologne-type lavender eventually mellowed by vanilla and warm woods (BBW type).

Incense & Amber  --  Oud wood, white woods, incense, spices, and amber.

Island Sunset  --  Coconut, cedar, and island blossoms. Compare to YC "Black Coconut".

Isle of Skye  --  Fresh mountain air from the Highlands! An ethereal blend of light juniper, mint, and vanilla.

Ivory Soap  --  Fresh Ivory Soap!


  • J

Jasmine  --  Fresh  jasmine flowers.

Jelly Cronut  --  Flaky, buttery croissant-doughnut filled with blackberry/raspberry/strawberry jelly.

Juicy Fruit  --  Super fruity, spiked with spicy essential oils of orange, grapefruit and cinnamon.  This is formulated to be a smoke and odor eliminator!  Reformulated 5/13/21.

Jungle  --  Fresh blend of green, earthy, tropical, & wood notes including cypress, cedar, vetiver, and ylang ylang. Inspired by Lu$h Jungle. Discontinued.

Juniper Walk  --  Evergreen juniper and fresh, sweet mountain air.

Jupiter 2  --  Similar to "Supern…" by Lu$h.  A fruit-floral-musk blend of white grapes, orange, rose,  geranium, and patchouli…also some fresh laundry.

  • K

Kale Salad  --  Green kale, green apple, red currant, pineapple, & coriander. Crisp, fresh, and bit peppery!

--  Patchouli, orange, lemongrass, cassis, pine, fir resin, and a touch of cinnamon. Compare to Lu$h. 

Kumquat  --  Sweet/tart orange. Discontinued.

  • L

Lady Grey  --  A blend of black teas infused with a hint of bergamot oil and lemon peel.

Lavender  --  The bracing scent of a fresh lavender plant in bloom. 

Lavender:Black Amber --  Amber, lavender, Tonka bean, Egyptian musk, patchouli, myrrh, and clary sage.  A delicate scent perfect for bedtime melting.

Lavender:Blackberry  --  Herbal lavender, sweet blackberries, bay leaf, vetiver, and cedar.


Lavender:Coconut  --  French lavender blossoms, coconut, coconut blossoms, and cedar.

Lavender:Cookie  --  Lavender with a bit of sugar cookie. For more sugar & cookies, try Lavender:Sugar Cookie. Discontinued.

Lavender:Fresh  --  Lightly floral lavender with a fresh soap note.

Lavender:Lullabye  --   A sweet blend of lavender, lilac, and mimosa flower.

Lavender:Manuka Honey  --  Lavender and bergamot blended with New Zealand Manuka honey.

Lavender:Mint  --  Invigorating herbal mint with a splash of lavender. Contains essential oils.

Lavender:Nicotiana  --  Lavender:Twilight blended with Tobacco Sugar.

Lavender:Pink Chiffon  --  Lavender + Pink Chiffon.

Lavender:Pink Sugar  --  Lavender + Pink Sugar Blender.

Lavender:Provence  --  The scent of lavender blossoms.

Lavender:Rosemary  --  A sweet blend of lavender, sage, and rosemary.

Lavender:Sage  --  This is a strong and strongly astringent herbal scent.

Lavender:Stardust   --  Lavender, Pink Sugar Blender, peppermint, and a touch of vanilla.

Lavender:Sugar Cookie  --  Lavender and sugar cookie.

Lavender:Sweet Basil  --  Lavender, sweet basil, with a bit of eucalyptus, cedar, & sweet patchouli.

Lavender:Tassi  --  A clean lavender, similar to Tasmanian Lavender Essential Oil.

Lavender:Twilight  --  Sweet lavender, lilac, tonka bean, and ylang ylang. Compare to Lu$h Twilight.

Lavender:Vanilla Spice  --  Lavender, vanilla, flowers, and a hint of spice. 

Lavender:White Woods  --  Lavender, cashmere, white woods, white pepper, orange bitters, eucalyptus, & white musk. Limited Edition.

Lavender:Woods   --  A fresh, woodsy lavender with musk and light sage.

Leather  --  The warm scent of well-worn leather. Excellent scent for blending, a little goes a long way. Start with a very small amount of Leather in your blends and work up from there!

Leaves  --  Apples, autumn leaves, warm spices, and a bit of sweetness.  Similar to BBW.

Lemon Chiffon Cake  --  Lemon chiffon cake drizzled with lemon brown sugar vanilla icing. 

Lemon Fresh  --  A fresh fusion of lemon, bergamot, yuzu, mandarin, lychee flower, orange blossom, oakmoss, gingerflower, and white santal. Similar to "Lemon Sugar" by Fresh.

Lemon Glaze -- Very lemony...fresh lemons with a lightly sugared bakery note.

Lemon Icebox Cookies  --  Crisp, buttery lemon cookies.

Lemon Leaves  --  Green lemon leaves and pure bright lemon oil. Similar to L'Occitane "Verbena" (formerly named, "Verbena & Lemon Leaves").

Lemon Leaves & Mint  --  Lemon leaves, lemon oil, lemon verbena, and fresh spearmint. 

Lemon Peppercorn  --  Lush, rich mixture of black peppercorns, warm spices, and lemon. 

Lemon Raspberry Vanilla  --  A lightly tart lemon with a hint of sweet raspberry and vanilla.

Lemon Verbena  --  A smooth lemon scent with some tart, a little sweet.

Lemon Zest  --  Tart lemon zest. Discontinued.

Lilac  --  Spring lilacs in full bloom.

Lily of the Valley  -- Lily of the Valley. 

Lime Cooler  --   Sweet/tart lime, orange,  apple, black currant and plum. This contains lime essential oil, making it more of a candy scent than a realistic fruit scent. Discontinued.

Lime Margarita  --   Call the cabana boy! A fruity, chilled Lime Margarita. Discontinued.

Lime Sugar  --  Soft lime, anise, hazelnut, sugar, musk, and rose...similar to Pink Sugar but with lime instead of raspberry.

Log Cabin Kitchen  --  Applesauce simmering in the hearth, lightly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and sugar; you can smell the warm wood of the log cabin, too. Discontinued.

London Calling  --  Black tea, lemon, & sugar; contains essential oils.

London Mist  --  This is a floral and lightly earthy scent overlaid with moss and swirling mist.

London Rain  --  A warm, rainy day in a London park...early morning dew, a steady afternoon rain shower, and a final downpour at dusk. Rain, citrus, florals, and wood.  Compare to Jo Malone "Rain & Angelica".

Lost Cherry Delight  --  Black Cherry, bitter almond, sweet marzipan, rose, jasmine, and amber. Limited Edition.

Luna  --   Bergamot, fragrant flowers, oak moss, vanilla, and Tonka bean (Scentsy type).

  • M

Magic in the Air --  Almond flower, white iris, fruit, & whipped vanilla (BBW type). Discontinued.

Magic Marshmallow  --  Magic Spell plus creamy marshmallow.

Magic Spell  --  VS "Love Spell" type.  Lots of rich fruit with apple blossom, rose, and jasmine.

Mahogany Apple  --  Apples & cologne: Mahogany woods, Golden Delicious Apple, pink peppercorn, lavender. Inspired by BBW. Limited Edition.

Malabar Coast  --   A rich and sultry blend of warm spices featuring crushed black peppercorns, overlaid with a light ocean breeze. Reformulated 3/01/21. (Original discontinued: A rich and sultry blend of warm spices featuring crushed black peppercorns.)

Man of Vitality  --  Leather and Black Pepper.

Mandarin Plum --  Sweet/tart plums with mandarin oranges. Limited Edition.

Mango Black Tea  --  The refreshing scent of crisp black tea and fruity mango.

Mango Raspberry Gelato  --  A sweet and creamy blend of mango, raspberry, and lemon.

Mango Sticky Rice  --  Thai Sticky Rice with fresh mango slices.

Marshmallow & Hot Cocoa  --  Hot cocoa topped with toasted marshmallows. This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks is recommended). Discontinued.

Marshmallow Fireside  --  Sweet marshmallows and smoldering embers – not smoky (BBW type).

Marshmallow Fluff  -- Sweet, creamy marshmallow fluff.

McIntosh Apple  --  Crisp McIntosh apple.

Meyer Lemon Salsa  --  Sweet Meyer Lemon, pineapple, kiwi fruit, and tropical melon.

Mint Shortbread  --  Buttery, minty shortbread cookies.

Mirror of the Witch  --  Cotton candy, orange, and strawberry.

Mistletoe  --  Fir, spruce, and Siberian pine sweetened with a touch of berries and green apple. Great blended with Cotton Candy!

Moonspice Cookie  --  Sugar cookies, coffee, and Celtic Moonspice.

Mountain Meadow Breeze  --  Green clover, spring flowers, and fresh mountain air. Similar to BBW "Green Clover & Aloe".

Muguet Des Bois  --  A beautiful lily of the valley blend, reminiscent of Coty's classic "Muguet des Bois" fragrance. Lily of the valley, bergamot, green grass, green leaves, cyclamen, lilac, jasmine, and rose.

My Love From Another Star -- Strawberries, cotton candy, and Magic Spell.

  • N

Napa Valley Sunset   --  Figs, fig leaves, pear, and musk (BBW type).

Neroli & Cedar  --  Neroli and aromatic cedarwood.

Nutmeg & Ginger -- Spicy, warm blend of nutmeg and ginger.  Discontinued. Replaced by Nutmeg & Spices.

Nutmeg & Spices  -- Spicy, warm blend of nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and clove with a little caramel and vanilla. Spicier version of the discontinued Nutmeg & Ginger.

  • O

Ocean  -- 
Fresh, salty ocean breeze and ozone.  A great blender!

Olive Branch --  Herbaceous florals, sweet mandarin, lemon, musk, and vanilla. A refreshing take on the Lu$h scent.

Orange --  Fresh oranges. Discontinued.

Orange Blossom Bergamot  --  A beautiful orange blossom scent.  Similar to Molton Brown "Orange Bergamot". Contains essential oils.

Orange Chiffon Cake  -- Orange chiffon cake garnished with sweet/caramel hazelnut brittle.

Orange Fruit Loops  --  Fruit Loops Cereal with extra orange loops. Reformulated 9/8/20.

Oregon Coast  --  Fresh ocean air, salty seaweed, sea spray, beach flowers, and driftwood.

Oudh Wood  --   Sweet, warm, and woodsy: sandalwood, oudh, cedar, frankincense, iris. Inspired by Lu$h Oudh Heart.

Oud Wood (Tom Ford Type)  --  Oud wood, rosewood, sandalwood, spices, vetiver, Tonka bean, and amber. A slightly spicy cologne/perfume scent.  Limited Edition.

  • P

Palo Santo  --  Warm and mellow: Palo Santo Wood, amber, soft musk (BBW type).

Palo Santo Rosewood  --  Palo Santo, red roses, cedar, and sandalwood.

Papaya & Dragonfruit  --  Papaya, dragonfruit, peach, and pineapple and something extra.

Passionfruit & Guava  --  Tart and tangy blend of tropical fruits, mostly passionfruit and guava.

Patchouli Essential Oil  --  Dark Patchouli Essential Oil. As Patchouli Essential Oil ages, it turns from light yellow to a deep amber, with the aroma becoming smoother and richer.  This is a premium, aged patchouli, having that smoothness and richness while at the same time being very fresh. Lovely in both wax and soap.

Patchouli Fresh Linen  --  A very fresh blend of aged patchouli and freshly washed linens.

Peach  --  Fresh peach.  This is wonderful combined with Peach Preserves. Discontinued.

Peach Magnolia Raspberry  --  A fruity floral featuring fresh peach. Discontinued.

Peach Nectar -- Sweet, almost syrupy essence of peach. A good blender, benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks).

Peach Preserves   --  Poached peaches and strawberries preserved in a light vanilla syrup.  Combine this with Peach!

Pear Salad  --  Fresh Lettuce + Red Pear… slightly fruitier than Fresh Lettuce! Discontinued.

Peony Petals  --  A fresh floral blend of peonies, spring flowers, and green fields.

Peony White Tea  --  A wonderful white tea fragrance with some floral and berries, softer than White Tea & Berries.

Petit Fours  --  Tiny vanilla cakes filled with buttercream frosting and coated with creamy white icing and nonpareil rainbow candy sprinkles. Takes a little while to get going but lasts a long time!

Pine Cones  --  Fresh balsam, spruce, cedar, and pine cone wreath. This has a sweet, fresh scent. Reformulated November, 2019.

Pineapple & Jasmine  --  Fresh pineapple, coconut milk, jasmine, and peach blossoms.

Pink Berry & Tonka Bean -- Pink berries, bergamot, sugar cane, pikake, musk, and Tonka bean.

Pink Chiffon  --  BBW… Soft pink petals, wild berries, and vanilla orchid with notes of coconut, sandalwood, and musk.

Pink Chocolate Fluff  --  Pink roses, chocolate, and marshmallow fluff.

Pink Laundry --  Pink Sugar Blender and Fresh Laundry.

Pink Peppermint  --  Pink Sugar Blender, peppermint, and vanilla.

Pink Petal Tea Cake  --   Pink roses and vanilla glazed pound cake (BBW inspired). 

Pink Raspberry Lilac -  A beautiful blend of lilacs, Pink Sugar Blender, and raspberries. Not too sweet and not too floral.

Pink Roses & Chocolate  --  A decadent scent of rich chocolate, sweet berries, and fragrant pink roses.

Pink Sand Beach  --  Similar to YC "Pink Sands".  Fruit, flowers, and a splash of coconut cream.

Pink Sari (Pink S*ri) --  Pink Sugar Blender combined with Patchouli Essential Oil. The aroma of patchouli was pervasive in cloth and clothing exported from India in the 19th century. The scent became an indicator of true ‘Oriental’ fabric, so much so that English and French garment makers were obliged to scent their imitation products with patchouli to ensure their acceptance in the marketplace. Due to PayPal’s rejection of the word, “sari”, this is sold as “Pink S*ri.

Pink Sugar  --  Our version of Aquolina "Pink Sugar".  Pink cotton candy, raspberry jam, lemon drops, caramel, and musk.

Pink Sugar Blender  --  This is a bit warmer than our regular Pink Sugar, with slightly more musk and vanilla.  It is used in our house blends such as Lavender:Pink Sugar, Pink Peppermint, and Pink Sari. If you are creating a blend using Pink Sugar, and like these Pink Sugar House Blends, then we recommend using “Pink Sugar Blender” instead of “Pink Sugar”.

Pistachio Almond Cookie  --  Pistachio and almond cookies warm out of the oven.  A 4-week cure time is recommended.

Pistachio & Magnolia  --  Rich pistachio milk and magnolia flowers. A strange combination that ends up smelling divine. 

Pistachio Pudding Cake  --  A fluffy pistachio pudding cake. Discontinued.

Pistachio & Rosewater Cake  --  Cake lightly scented with rosewater and pistachio. You can smell the cake, and even a little buttercream, but it is not really a bakery scent; very elegant.

Plum Tart  --   Warm baked tart with a jammy-rich filling of plums, oranges, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Pomegranate Apple Cider  --  Spiced pomegranate apple cider. Tart and warm at the same time. 

Pomegranate Bergamot  --  Not just a fruit scent, almost like a rich pomegranate perfume enhanced with citrus and other fruits.

Pomegranate Cider  --  Spiced pomegranate apple cider. For a similar scent but with more apples, see Pomegranate Apple Cider!

Pomegranate Noir  --  Pomegranate, plum, raspberry, patchouli, and warm spices ( Jo Malone type).  Discontinued.

Pomelo & Wild Ginger  --  Citrusy pomelo and fragrant wild ginger flowers. Discontinued.

Poolside Cabana  --  Pineapple, coconut milk, peach blossoms, jasmine, salty sea air, and musk.

Port Royal  --  Smoky red birch, sweet tobacco, grapefruit, lemon, cinnamon, and rum.

Pralines & Popcorn  --  The traditional New Orleans candy mixed with popcorn:  lightly spiced caramel, butter-roasted pecans, and popcorn.  Discontinued.

Pretzel  --  Salty, buttery pretzels.

Pretzel Blueberry  --  Pretzel + Blueberry Basket.

Pumpkin Apple Preserves  --  Chunks of fresh pumpkin and apple preserved in a light, spiced vanilla syrup.

Pumpkin Gingerbread  --  Spicy pumpkin gingerbread.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles  --  Pumpkin pecan waffles lightly sweetened with brown sugar and maple syrup. This one is so good that you might like it even if you don't like pecans, waffles, maple syrup, or brown sugar!

Pumpkin Puff Cookie  --  Buttery, puffy, pumpkin cookie with spicy cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

Pumpkin Trifle  --  Alternating layers of Pumpkin Butter Tea Bread and thick whipped cream, topped with a candied carrot streusel. Discontinued.

Pure Shampoo  --  A fresh and invigorating shampoo scent. Similar to Aveda "Shampure".

  • Q

Quickie Wedding  --  Fresh strawberries, Strawberry Seeds, and marshmallow fluff.

  • R

Rainforest Sugarcane  --  Fresh citrus, raw sugarcane, vanilla orchid, and rain. BBW type.

Raspberries & Sugar  --  Ripe, red raspberries and strawberries, sweetened with sugar.

Raspberry Peach Shortbread  --  Sugared shortbread bars layered with ripe raspberries, sliced peaches, and peach preserves.  Discontinued.

Raspberry Sangria  --  A sweet and tart red raspberry and citrus sangria. Discontinued.

Red Currant  --  Another great sweet and tart scent…red currants, raspberries, geranium, cassis, musk. Similar to Votivo “Red Currant”.

Red Currant Rhubarb  -- Our Red Currant tarted up with grapefruit, pomegranate, and rhubarb. A touch of floral rounds it out.

Red Pear  --  Juicy ripe red pear.  Richer than Bartlett Pear and Yellow Pear. Discontinued.

Redwood Cedar  --  A warm forest scent of red cedar, sandalwood, and green fern.

Rocky Mountain Pine   --  Balsam fir, Colorado white fir, blue spruce, red cedar, and berries.

Rosé All Day  --  A sweet fruit-floral: sugared raspberries, lemon zest,  mandarin, coconut water, and sweet peas.  Limited Edition.

Rose Bouquet  --  A fragrant bouquet of velvety red roses.

Rose Geranium  --  A delightfully fresh, sweet, rose scent with leafy green undertones. Nearly identical to Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

Rose of the Cimarron  --  Leather, red roses, vanilla orchid, and sandalwood.

Rose Petal Jam  --  Sweet, rich, jammy conserve of  strawberry, citrus, and velvety rose petals. Similar to a “Lu$h” scent. 

Rosewater Lemonade  --  A fanciful blend of rosewater and sweet lemonade.

Rumor Has It  --  Amber, sandalwood, galbanum, balsam of Peru, and gorgeous smoky vanilla.

  • S

Sage, Sweetgrass, & Cedar  --  Russian sage, fir needle, cedarwood, cedarleaf, and hay.

Salty Sea Air  --  Salty sea spray, seaweed, driftwood, and a bit of ozone and water lily.

Santo Rosa  --  Palo Santo and creamy white roses.

Scottish Hearth  --  Old worlde hearth fire of fresh applewood boughs tossed onto burning logs of white birch. Sweeter than Winter’s Eve.

Scottish Shortbread  --  Buttery, sugar vanilla shortbread.

Sea Island Grapefruit  --  Compare to the Votivo classic. Crisp, sweet grapefruit with a hint of white orchids.

Sea Salt & Cocoa Truffle  --  Dark cocoa truffles sprinkled with sea salt.

Sea Salt & Yuzu  --  Yuzu, satsuma, apricot, lotus flower, aloe, and sea salt.

Shaving Cream  -- Fresh & clean shaving cream scent with almost no cologne. Great blender!

Sherlock  --  A  warm and woodsy pipe tobacco. Heavy on the tobacco.

Shop Around  --  Parma violets and creamy fruit candy with a hint of cinnamon. This is Ghostess’s little sister!

Silken Oud  --  Oud wood blended with bergamot, incense, birch wood, and a touch of rose. Limited Edition.

Skittles  --  Skittles candy!

Smoked Vanilla --  Smoked Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, leather, spices, and a shot of bourbon. Inspired by BBW.

Snow White  --  Crisp sweet apple, sweet neroli, a hint of floral, and hint of honey type sweetness.  A nod to to Lu$h.

Snowy Pine  --  Fir balsam, cypress, and some fresh apple.

Snuggle  --   Snuggle Fabric Softener type. Lily of the valley, violet, lavender, gardenia, amber, and fabric softener.

Southern Mint Tea  --  Iced black tea, lemon, sugar, peppermint, and spearmint.

Spearmint  --  Fresh spearmint with a touch of sweet peppermint.

Spiced Apples and Peaches – Fruity and lightly tart blend of red apples, peach nectar, cinnamon, and mulled spices.

Spiked Amber
  --  Warm, rich, spicy: amber, sandalwood, galbanum, bergamot, vanilla, and a big spike of clove. 

Spiked Egg Nog  --  Vanilla egg nog spiked with rum, clove, cinnamon, ginger, & nutmeg – topped with whipped cream.

Spring Moss  --  Compare to Aveda "Sap Moss".  An invigorating, fresh and earthy herbal scent. Discontinued.

Stainless Steel  --  A clean and fresh musk with citrus, ozone, sea moss, and light floral notes.

Strawberry  --  Fresh, ripe strawberries.

Strawberry Berry Sauce  --  Fruity dessert sauce of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, lychee, and sweet rambutan. Discontinued.

Strawberry Bourbon Vanilla  --  Sweet strawberry with a kick of Bourbon vanilla. Inspired by BBW.

Strawberry Crumble  --  Strawberries and acai berries baked in sugar with a light topping  of sugar cookie crumble.

Strawberry Jam  --  Wild strawberry jam. Discontinued.

Strawberry Lemonade Gelato  --  Frozen lemon, sugared strawberries, and vanilla cream.

Strawberry Seeds  --  Sweet and zesty strawberry.

Sugar Cane & Mint  --  Sugar crystals infused with fresh peppermint and spearmint leaves. Discontinued.

Sugar Cookie  --  Warm, freshly baked sugar cookie.

Sugar Vanilla Champagne  --  Effervescent champagne laced with sugared vanilla. Reformulated 4/22.

Sugared Amber & Plum  --  Ripe plum, sugared amber, citron, and cashmere musk.

Sugared Spruce  --  A sweet and fresh blend of blue spruce, sweet berries, balsam, cedar, and sugared vanilla.

Sugared Vanilla Shortbread  --  Vanilla shortbread cookies.

Sultana  --  Fruit-floral blend of bergamot, apricot, black currant, strawberry, rose, jasmine, and musk. Contains essential oils.  Compare to Lu$h.

Sultry Angel  --  Sugar cookie in perfume form. Truly sultry.

Summer Champagne  --  Fresh, fizzy champagne infused with sugared raspberries, Bartlett pear, & green apple.

Sun Drenched Apricot Rose  --  Sweet apricots, nectarine blossoms, roses, gardenias, and musk (YC type).

Sunny Sand Beach -- Warm beach breezes wafting over orange blossoms, lavender flowers, citrus, and suntan lotion. Compare to YC "Sun and Sand".

Sunshine Lolly  --  Sweet vanilla, fruity lollipops, and summer florals.

Suspicious Lies  --  Sensual blend of neroli, rose, rosewood, orange flower, and a hint of grapefruit. Inspired by Lu$h “Frozen”. Discontinued.

Sweater Weather  --  BBW type… juniper berry, eucalyptus, sage, and lingering mint.

Swedish Dream Salt  --  Salty ocean breeze, cucumber, oakmoss, lavender, balsam, and lime.

Sweet & Creamy Lolly  --  Fruity, creamy, sweet lollipops with an elusive hint of cinnamon.

Sweet on Paris  --  Gourmand blend of blackberry, lemon, nectarine, vanilla macaron, and a hint of peony (BBW).

  • T

Take a Letter, Maria  --  Sweet, tart passionfruit and fragrant tea roses. 

Tayberry & Teak  --  Teakwood mixed with sweet tayberries, blackberries, mulberries, and cloudberries.

Tea & Cakes  --  Slice of orange-almond cake and a cuppa.

Teakwood & Coconut  --  Aged teakwood, coconut, cologne, island flowers, tonka bean, amber, & musk.

Thai Sticky Rice  --  Pan-toasted basmati rice baked in coconut milk and brown sugar. 

Thai Temple Garden  -- Dark roses, incense, and aromatic sandalwood mingling with ancient, mossy Buddhist statues. 

That Man  --  Spicy & fresh manly stuff…leather, tobacco, musk, teakwood, cedar, sandalwood, and black pepper. 

That Man in Granada --  That Man mixed with spiced pomegranate cider; fruity, fresh, with a bright cologne note.

That Man in Paradise  --  That Man mixed with rich coconut and tropical flowers.

The (Hangover) Cure   --  Clean, crisp, and fresh – this will jump start your second wind! Lemongrass, lemon cypress wood, and lime.  Listed under “H” scents for ordering (“Hangover Cure, The”).

Thyme  --  Herbal dried thyme, fresh thyme leaves, and a hint of eucalyptus. Limited Edition.

Toasted Marshmallow  --  Marshmallows toasted over a blazing campfire… a bit of smoky char on the marshmallows. Made with more marshmallow as of 6/12/18!

Toasted Marshmallow & Spearmint  --  Sweet, toasted marshmallows and spearmint (the marshmallow in this is different from Toasted Marshmallow – no blazing campfire in this one).

Tobacco Sugar  --  A decadent twist on Aquolina "Blue Sugar"… tobacco leaf, caramel, orange sugar, and bourbon.

Tobacco Vanille – Tobacco flowers and leaves, Tonka Bean, spices, and vanilla. Based on the Tom Ford perfume.  For a heavier tobacco scent, try “Sherlock”.

Tomato Leaf   --  Fresh tomato leaves and stems.

Tonic  --  A fresh and green scent with geranium and rosemary.  Compare to Clarins "Body Tonic". 

Tonka Bean & Citrus  --  Toasted Tonka bean, light spices, citrus, and cedar.

Tootsie Roll  --  Rich, chocolatey, chewy candy; not exactly like a Tootsie Roll, but close. This can take a longer time to get going, but your patience will be rewarded!

  • V

Vanilla Ambrette  --  Complex blend of bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, ylang ylang, violet, cedar, sandalwood, amber, vetiver, cashmere musk, and warm Indonesian patchouli and spices (Thymes type).

Vanilla Anise  -- Violet vanilla orchid, lightly spiced with wild fennel & star anise. Similar to Jo Malone "Vanilla & Anise".  This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks is recommended).

Vanilla Balsam --   Balsam fir and cedar softened by a mellow vanilla (BBW type).

Vanilla Birch -- 
White Birch, Madagascar vanilla, and sandalwood (BBW type).


Vanilla Dream  --  Vanilla Lace, Cupcakes at Tiffany’s, and Vanilla Marshmallow Birthday Cake.


Vanilla Dream Cake  --  Layers of rich vanilla cake, marshmallow buttercream, confetti sprinkles, and crushed sugar cookies. This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks is recommended).


Vanilla Lace  --  Vanilla orchids and musk. Not a “foody” vanilla; similar to Victoria's Secret. This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks is recommended).

VanillaLush  --  Earthy and sweet:  sugared vanilla, tonka bean, jasmine, & sandalwood. Compare to Lu$h Vanillary. Discontinued.

Vanilla Noel  --  Crushed vanilla beans, fluffy white marshmallows, sugar cookies, and vanilla buttercream. This benefits from a longer cure time (4 weeks+ is recommended).

Vanilla Rootbeer  --  Lightly spiced fizzy Rootbeer with vanilla.

Vanilla Snowflake  -- Creamy vanilla and warm woods sweetened with a dash of coconut (BBW type).

Vanilla Wafers  --  Buttery vanilla wafer cookies.

Vegas Showgirl    --   Dishy blend of melon, pink flowers, coconut milk, and leather.

Velvet Moon  --  Exotic, sweet blend of patchouli, plum, and black vanilla.

Verbena & Lemon Leaves  --  Green lemon leaves and pure bright lemon oil. Similar to L'Occitane "Verbena".  RENAMED “Lemon Leaves”!

Violets  --  Parma violets in bloom.

  • W

Warung  --  Indonesian Dark Patchouli Essential Oil with chamomile tea and lemon. In Indonesia, you can enjoy some tea and a meal at a warung, which is a small family-run restaurant!

Wasabi  --  A blend of both fresh and earthy scents: eucalyptus, ginger,  peppermint, camphor, amber, thyme, &  wasabi. Discontinued.

Watermelon Mint  --  Fresh watermelon and cool spearmint.

Watermelon Sorbet 
--  Fresh watermelon, honeydew, kiwi, and vanilla sugar.

Wedding Cake  --  Vanilla cake with thick white frosting and a thin layer of strawberry jam…not buttery.  

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle  --  Chocolate raspberry truffles dipped in rich, sweet white chocolate.

White Clouds  --  An airy, lightly floral fresh laundry scent.

White Sage  --  An invigorating clean, herbal scent.

White Sage & Tobacco  --  A blend of our clean white sage and sweet Cuban Tobacco. Limited Edition.

White Sari (White S*ri)  --  Pristine white roses and rich, dark patchouli. Due to PayPal’s rejection of the word, “sari”, this is sold as “White S*ri.

White Tea  --  Sweet white tea, thyme, and jasmine.

White Tea & Berries  --  A strong herbal tea blend of white tea with tart dried berries. Discontinued.

White Tea & Papaya  --  Another great white tea blend...white tea, tropical fruits, lilies, and orchids.

Wild Berry Tulips  --  Wild red berries, tangerines, tulips, waterlily, honeysuckle, and  woods. BBW Type.

Wild Mint & Ivy  --  Refreshing, clean scent of light mint and fresh ivy.

Wildberry Mousse  --  Rich and fruity berry-fig-vanilla mousse. 

Wine Cellar  --  Pomegranate, black cherries, pink pepper, musk, saffron, and patchouli.  Slightly sweeter than BBW.

Winter  --  A fresh scent of fir needles, oakmoss, allspice, clove, and a hint of citrus (BBW type).

Winter Linen  --  A crisp laundry scent: fresh linen, bergamot, Egyptian jasmine, white floral, sandalwood, musk, & cashmere.

Winter Citrus Wreath  --  Balsam wreath, grapefruit, orange,  forest breeze (BBW type). Limited Edition.

Winter’s Eve  --  A winter evening curled up by a crackling fireplace; balsam, cedar, and woodsmoke.

Woodsmoke  --  Straight-up smoky campfire/fireplace scent – a fantastic blender!

  • Y

Yellow Pear  --  Fresh, lightly sweet yellow pear. Discontinued.

You’re So Vain  --  You probably think this scent is about you. Sweet scent of strawberries, orange, passionfruit, and creamy vanilla with a touch of violet. Not a dupe but inspired by Lu$h “Rock Star”.  

  • Z

Zalabia  --  Libyan bread drizzled with clementine-scented honey.

ZB Apple Pumpkin  --  Zucchini Bread, baked apples, and spicy pumpkin butter. Discontinued.

ZB Banana  --  Zucchini bread  made with ripe bananas, walnuts, and a bit of brown sugar. Contains essential oils.

ZB Berry  --  Zucchini bread made with sweet huckleberries, blueberries, plums, rich cream, and spices. 

ZB Cranberry   --  Lightly spiced zucchini bread with tart cranberries. Discontinued.

ZB Harvest   --  Warm, homemade zucchini bread with a touch of spice.

ZB Magic Fluff  --  Magic Spell, strawberries,  marshmallow fluff, and zucchini bread. Light on the zucchini bread! Reformulated June, 2022.

ZB Pear  --  Zucchini bread made with juicy red pears, not spicy. Discontinued.

ZB Pie Crust  --  Zucchini bread and buttery pie crust.

ZB Pumpkin  --  Zucchini bread with sweet pumpkin and spices.

ZB Wildberry Mousse  --  Wildberry Mousse + ZB Harvest.



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