~~ The Shop is currently open for RTS ~~ TAT for RTS is 2 business days or under ~~ The next RTS restock will be in mid to late June ~~ TAT for the April List (now closed for ordering) is approximately 3 to 10 weeks ~~ Custom Order Sign-Ups will begin in late May or early June ~~ Join our Mailing List below to be notified of Shop Updates! ~~$8.50 Flat Rate Shipping to U.S.

Custom Orders Information

Custom Orders Information

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~ SIGN-UP LIST 2019: Custom Orders will be fulfilled from a sign-up list that will be started in late May or early June. A Shop Newsletter with the sign-up dates and instructions will be emailed one to two weeks prior to the sign-up dates. 

You will be able to sign up by commenting in our Facebook group or by email to  info@destinationwax.com. After the initial sign-up dates are over, we will use a list scrambler to randomize the names and that will comprise the initial order of the list. So, it does not matter when you sign up during the initial two day enrollment period.

After the initial list is finalized, it will be published in the Files section of our Facebook Group. All subsequent sign-ups will be added to the end of the list as they are received. You can be added by commenting on that post or by emailing to us at info@destinationwax.com.

Each person on the list will be assigned a place holder code. If you choose to remain anonymous, please let me know and your name will not be displayed on the list, just your place holder code or a code name, example, your initials followed by your zip code, "RH06442", for example. 

A “CUSTOM ORDERS” section is on the Shop website. Until it is your turn to order, the Custom Order products will be in “view mode” only.


~ ORDERING AND FULFILLMENT: We will work on several Custom Orders at a time. When it is your turn, we will contact you and you will be given a password to enter the site so you can place your order. At that time, the Custom Order products will go from “view mode” to “active mode”. You will be able to fill your cart and place your order. You will have approximately 2 to 3 days to finalize and place your order. If you do not place an order, your name will be moved to the end of the sign-up list (or removed if you wish).


 -  All shapes and scents will be available for Custom Orders.

- CUSTOM BLENDS: The only shapes available in a custom blend of 2 or 3 scents are the Celtic Knot Loaf, the Citrus Slices Loaf, and 29 ounces of Blocks. We may be adding one or two more products that could be available for custom blends. All other shapes are only available in single scents.

- DESTINATION SAMPLERS:  If you would like a Destination sampler, add the Scents that you would like individually (as Shot Cups, Blocks 3.4 oz, or Mini Cakes 4 oz) to your Shopping Cart.  In the Notes section of your shopping cart, write that you want some of your order to be packaged as one or more Destinations.  In an email to info@destinationwax.com, let us know the Destination(s) that you want to be created from the scents in your order. You can also create your own, unique Destination! Just let us know what you would like to name it and we will make a label for the package.


~ SOAP: Many of our wax fragrances can be used for soaps. If you would like to order soap in fragrances that are not on the Soap Scent List, please contact us when you are called up for your Custom Order and we will let you know what can be possible.

~  TAT: TAT (Turnaround Time) will be approximately 3 to 10 weeks.

~  MAXIMUM ORDER:  This is to maintain a reasonable TAT and to accommodate everyone on the list. The maximum you can spend on Wax and Soap in a Custom Order is $300. Poly Bags, Bakery Bags, and shipping cost will not count towards the $300 Wax and Soap maximum.

~ EMPTY POLYPRO AND BAKERY BAGS:  Contact me if you would like to order Polypropylene Bags and Kraft Bakery Bags that would take you over your $300 Wax and Soap maximum (see above). 


--- Domestic:  The shipping cost will be based on actual shipping, up to a maximum of $25. You will be charged $25 at the time of your order and you will receive a refund of excess shipping on or before the date your order ships.

--- Canada: The shipping cost will be actual shipping. You will be charged an estimated shipping fee at the time of your order.  Once your order is complete, you will receive a refund of excess shipping or a PayPal invoice if extra shipping is required.

--- U.K. via Transglobal Express: You will be charged zero for shipping. You will arrange for courier pick up with Transglobal Express and pay them directly.

~ DYE-FREE:  You can opt for wax and soap to be made without dye, mica, or fine glitter colorants; request this in the notes section of your Shopping Cart. Note that our typical use of dye and mica is usually very low and when glitter is used, it is only as a light dusting.






- Original Photo by Cederic X on Unsplash