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Destination Sampler: BOUDOIR

Destination Sampler: BOUDOIR

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Sampler of Scented Wax Melts ~~  Each Destination:Boudoir includes one Shot Cup each of 6 different scents.



  • Cinnamon Girl  --  Bergamot, berries, vanilla caramel, chocolate, patchouli, cinnamon.  “Angel” meets cinnamon.
  • Pink Roses & Chocolate  --  A decadent scent of rich chocolate, sweet berries, and fragrant pink roses.
  • Pistachio & Rosewater Cake  --  Cake lightly scented with rosewater and pistachio. You can smell the cake, and even a little buttercream, but it is not really a bakery scent; very elegant.
  • Pomegranate Bergamot  --  Not just a fruit scent, almost like a rich pomegranate perfume enhanced with citrus and other fruits.
  • Sultry Angel  --  Sugar cookie in perfume form. Truly sultry.
  • Tobacco Sugar  --  A decadent twist on Aquolina "Blue Sugar"… tobacco leaf, caramel, orange sugar, and bourbon.

The Shot Cups in each Destination are grouped together and packaged in a labeled polypropylene bag tied with decorative ribbon. Ready for gift-giving!

- Shot Cups weigh approximately 1.5 ounces each, polypropylene cups. Colors may vary.