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Foil Pan Loaf - RTS

Foil Pan Loaf - RTS

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The Foil Pan Loaf is approximately 12 ounces finished weight wax.

Colors will vary with possibly mica and/or fine glitter. One scent per loaf. Packaged in a foil pan inside of a zip-lock polypropylene bag.

Limited quantity.

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September RTS Foil Pans:

  • Bonfire Bliss  --  Brown sugar-coconut marshmallows toasting over a smoky bonfire of autumn leaves, pine, cedar, amber, and sandalwood. This is a very sweet scent.
  • Grass Stain  --  Single note scent of fresh, green grass.
  • Moonspice Cookie  --  Sugar cookies, coffee, and Celtic Moonspice.
  • Pink Sari (Pink S*ri)  --  Pink Sugar Blender combined with Patchouli Essential Oil. The aroma of patchouli was pervasive in cloth and clothing exported from India in the 19th century. The scent became an indicator of true ‘Oriental’ fabric, so much so that English and French garment makers were obliged to scent their imitation products with patchouli to ensure their acceptance in the marketplace. Due to PayPal’s rejection of the word, “sari”, this is sold as “Pink S*ri.
  • Quickie Wedding  --  Fresh strawberries, Strawberry Seeds, and marshmallow fluff.
  • Strawberry Seeds  --  Sweet and zesty strawberry.



Full scent descriptions are here: DW Wax Scent List.